Internet consultant in SEO, local search, social media, WordPress and civiCRM.

Internet Consulting

Does your business have a well defined Internet Strategy?

Most do not, which is why you need an Internet Consultant. The rapid pace of change and increasing technological sophistication can make it difficult to go beyond piecemeal tactics. Who in your organization has the ability to manage all this:

  • Websites: platform selection, content, integration, marketing, domain management
  • Search Optimization: keyword selection, site architecture, search strategies, local search optimization
  • Email: SPAM control, email marketing, opt-in lists
  • Internet Identity Management: Inbound linking & reviews management, business citations
  • Social Media: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Content Creation: video, copy writing, graphic design
  • Customer Support: using the Internet to support customer needs

When brought together as an overall strategy these work together to form a powerful competitive advantage. Companies with clearly defined strategies and aggressive implementation are well outperforming those without. Some businesses may have modest needs and require a simple strategy, while others may have more ambitious and sophisticated requirements. It all depends on your level of aggressiveness and the competitiveness of your industry/market.

As your Internet Consultant, I provide strategic guidance

I will work with your executive team to develop a strategy to implement Internet technologies & practices in ways that makes the most sense for your organization. Beyond that my team and I can train your personnel where needed, and provide the necessary services to finish implementation.

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