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Beyond SEO… Now it’s Search Optimization Stratgies (SOS)

My first search experiences date back to search helpers known as Archie and Veronica. By the time InfoSeek, WebCrawler and AltaVista became know to the public, optimization had become my specialty. Now with Google, Bing and Yahoo, SEO isn’t enough. Just ask those who suffer every time Google tweaks their search algorithm! Winning at search optimization requires a more strategic approach.

My strategies are complex, thorough, and totally white hat. We like to hear about search engine shake-ups because it favors organizations who have played by the rules, and built their strategies on broad based foundations. As your Search Optimization Consultant, I will bring you winning strategies designed to have staying power no matter what changes come along.

Where is your website… where is your business?

Where is your website, where is your business?
Now that Google blends websites and Places in it’s search returns, its very important that these two separate strategies become blended and coordinated as well.

Google Places

Google places is just getting started, and is developing into an important and valuable tool. This is not only true for the obvious candidates, like restaurants and other retail businesses, but Google Places can play an important role in B2B type businesses as well.

Google Places+
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