Internet consultant in SEO, local search, social media, WordPress and civiCRM.

Website Consulting

Your website: The most authoritative document about your company.

From search engine spiders, to almost every person, your website is the place where decisions are made pertaining to your organization. So it must be the best it can be.

Search engine spiders visit your website to index it’s content. From there a determination is made where to rank your site on Google, Bing or Yahoo. People will visit your website and decisions and opinions are made based on what is served up to them. Every day important and far reaching decisions are made about your business, and your website is often the most influential component of that decision. This is why your website must be the best, and most up-to-date, it can be.

We have been building websites since the invention of HTML, so we are uniquely qualified to lead all aspects of your website development. From advanced SEO strategies to layout and design, we can build, maintain, manage, consult, or repair your website.

But in those cases where you have a competent webmaster or vendor already in place, we are happy to play a supportive role in helping to blend your website into the overall Internet strategy.

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