Internet consultant in SEO, local search, social media, WordPress and civiCRM.

What an internet consultant does for your business

As your internet consultant I achieve results by deploying the latest technology, solving problems, and usually both.

I will take the lead in getting your business fully engaged in all the important parts of the Internet. This includes web, search, social and various paid ads. Let’s develop your online footprint so all of the elements work together in synergy,  thus achieving ongoing results and perpetual growth. I can train your team, or provide fully managed services by my team. Important areas of focus include:

  • Your digital-internet footprint (it’s size and shape is critical)
  • Mobile friendly websites (you website performing on mobile devices)
  • Social Media (how to deploy G+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Your primary & secondary keyword matrix (there is a science to it!)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Local Search (ranking on Google & Bing maps)
  • Growing reviews (the secret sauce)
  • Technology selection (web & email tech, server side and local)
  • WordPress, Drupal, or other? (selecting the right platform)
  • BlackHat vs. WhiteHat (even the good guys make costly mistakes)
  • Pay-Per-Click (do you know how much you’re really paying per click?)
  • Social Media Marketing (yes, it works!)
  • Server logs and statistical analysis (a wealth of info often overlooked)
  • Reputation monitoring (know what they’re saying about your brand?)
  • Eval & training your in-house team (getting a second opinion)
  • Ecommerce (is a 24/7 Internet storefront right for you?)
  • Copy writing (unique & relevant copy for your Internet Footprint)
  • Search engine warfare (winning in an extreme competitive situation)
  • Avoiding costly mistakes (link farms, shills, and the Sand Box)
  • Technology for your non-profit (using civiCRM to grow your org.)

Optimizing and improving any one of these can make a significant improvement, but imagine if this whole list was optimally considered and functioning in synergy for your business, or professional practice. Attempting to hire the talent needed to accomplish this work in-house would require extensive effort and expense. But if you hire my team you will get the expertise required to develop a dominant internet footprint almost immediately.

Take the first step to getting results. Request a contact, or fill out my needs analysis form. Let’s purposefully design your internet footprint to achieve lasting and growing results.

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