Internet consultant in SEO, local search, social media, WordPress and civiCRM.


About Don Powell Internet Consultant

Why should your business, organization or municipality hire Don Powell to consult on using the Internet and social media? Because of the lifetime of experience as an entrepreneur and deep involvement with the Internet since its inception. And if that’s not enough, consider my diverse team of personnel. They are all seasoned professionals bringing rare value to your organization.

  • 30+ years building and running businesses
  • Team builder, organizer, leader & motivator
  • Expert in web development & internet architecture
  • Search Engine Optimization since the very first search engines
  • Expertise in Internet marketing, SEM, PPC & local search optimization
  • Ownership of commercial printing, web development & hosting businesses

My Team
From programmers to copywriters, my team leadership consists of seasoned professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Looking at the rest of my team you will find young and old, green and purple hair, and all sorts of interesting people. Here is where much of the creative talent and new perspectives originate. When it comes to performance, we run a tight ship. But we foster creativity and diversity in the effort to bring winning strategies to our clients.

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