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Primary and Secondary Keywords

Keywords are the cornerstone of developing your online presence. They must be accurate and relevant to your business, and represent an honest representation of what your business does. Keyword Research is done prior to engaging in search engine optimization and marketing (SEO/SEM) efforts. Selecting the appropriate keywords that accurately pertain to your business and the content we’re publishing is essential to achieving success. The most important keywords we call Primary, and the others I refer to as secondary keywords.

The objective is to find your most relevant and valuable keywords. And these may not be the ones which generate the most traffic. Never assume you know which keywords people are using to search for your products or service. And why would you when we have the tools to find out the keywords people are actually using. Using various tools and research methods, we make a list of keywords people use in their searching habits.

Perhaps one of the most important criteria used to develop your list of keywords is accuracy, relevancy and honesty. Run away from consultants and developers who deploy tricky techniques for the sake of boosting your traffic metrics. It’s better to have one real prospect, than a dozen irrelevant clicks to your website. It’s crucial to obey the published webmaster guidelines than to appear spammy or tricky.

As your Internet consultant, or developer, I will help to create your primary and secondary list of keywords that are the most relevant to your business and see they are deployed in a proper manner.

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