Internet consultant in SEO, local search, social media, WordPress and civiCRM.

Internet Services

Internet Consulting
We start with an analysis of your business, it’s industry, your competitors, your market and your current uses and practices of technology. The goal is to develop an Internet strategy that addresses your unique needs and facilitates measurable results.

Website Development
The most widely accepted authority on your business is your website. From the news media, to search engine spiders, to individuals, the most widely used source of information about your company is your website. We develop websites that represent your uniqueness in ways that play a role in the overall Internet strategy.

Website Repair
Old, stale and outdated material says much about your company. We can repair and update just about any website in cases where a replacement isn’t required.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO has been our flagship product from day 1. Every website needs fundamental SEO at a minimum. We start with key word research, and then build and orient your website around these key words and key word phrases. However, much of what determines your website ranking revolves around your Internet identity and popularity.

Internet Identity and Reputation Management
Your Internet Identity (measured in terms of inbound links and citations) and reputation (measured by what people are saying) are crucial operations to manage and monitor. We will develop a strategy and help implement the process of building and monitoring reviews and creating inbound links and citations.

Social Media
The merging of social networking and business marketing has begun. New technologies now allow for unlimited applications to be presented within a Facebook window. More than just having a Facebook account, we wil help make social media a new and profitable tool for your business.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing has evolved into a complex science, which blends search, social, retargeting and display ad networks. Modern digital marketing is a quick way to reach highly targeted prospects just when they are most interested in your product or service. We will manage your digital marketing with more money allocated to your clicks than your current vendor if you have one. Let us bid for this service, and then compare!

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