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Your internet footprint

Internet footprint: Every place where your website address, business name & address, phone, email and several other unique identifiers exist and can be found and indexed by major search engine spiders. This includes content throughout most of your social media spaces.

Is isn’t long before the accumulation of all this unique identifying information begins to form what I refer to as your Internet Footprint. With a little forethought and strategy this footprint can exist with purpose and have a significant effect on search, social media, local search, branding and more.

One of things Google does very well is to aggregate data from many sources. As you internet consultant I will help to craft a strategy with specific attention to the size, shape and content of your Internet footprint. This is an important foundation in achieving your goals and intentions with your Internet efforts.

Google is not the only reason we care about your Internet footprint. Other information gatherers in both the commercial and government sectors are gathering data about you and your business. So whether we know it or not, regardless if we like it or not, our internet footprint will continue to grow as long as there is an Internet.

Your Internet footprint can work against you too. Many Internet marketing, SEO and reputation management firms use aggressive tactics which ultimately lead to a spammy looking footprint. Growing too fast, use of link farms, and other Black-Hat techniques can severely damage your presence in the eyes of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you don’t have a regular attention paid to your presence online, you could be suffering from negative reviews and not know about it. Regardless of how much effort you place in customer service and quality of products or services, someone could write a negative review(s).

I advise and consult on how to turn your Internet footprint into an asset, and get lasting benefits from it’s purposeful and strategic design.

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