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Mobile Responsive – your website viewed on the go

With the huge growth in Internet access by mobile devices, businesses must consider how they are being seen and interacted with across many platforms. Website developers have to change the way they are thinking, and start developing for the mobile device first.

Mobile responsive is represented by a website that rearranges itself based on the particular device that is viewing it. This is somewhat different than a plugin or separate application that serves up a scaled down or redesigned version of the website’s content. For example, have a look at this website on your mobile device. Notice how the content is the same as seen on a desktop computer, except it is just presented in a more useful layout with the same graphics re-sized to fit proportionally.

With a mobile responsive website, you get to retain your branding and graphics. And you only need one version of your website sitting on the server serving up your content to what ever device comes calling.

Not every application or need is best served by a mobile responsive website. Some have special needs where a plugin or custom app is the perfect choice. Your Internet Consultant (that’s me) will evaluate your needs and help select the right method to serve up your important content to the growing mobile market.

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